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CANactions 2014, "Киев, что создается пользователями"

Kyiv is a fast growing metropolitan city. Historically all parts (business, cultural, entertaining) have been centered in the downtown, although most of people live in the remote parts, in the so called "dormitory suburb". There is no comfortable and good-looking city space in these districts – on the contrary, these districts have broad roadways, buildings out of proportions, impersonal panel buildings, little green areas.
People in these districts may feel shortage of cultural and business lift, being artificially created. People have to go to the city downtown to get to their job and for entertainment. This results in heavy traffic, the city downtown turns into the entire business center with the glass skyscrapers which demolishes the historical identity and attractiveness. Our company offers to abandon from the concept of "dormitory suburb" in order to decentralize of business and cultural activity in the city. To create a comfortable living environment it is necessary to divide the city into the districts: mini-cities with a full set of functions for a good living conditions – for a work, urban life and active recreation. Every district has to have it’s downtown with business, shopping and leisure functions. On the average every citizen has to have opportunity to spend about 30 minutes to commute. Then it’s a brilliant possibility for develop a pedestrian and bicycle road networks. The downtown should be located on the crossing of highways to improve connections among districts.
As a result, the city business center becomes more balanced, since public centers of the residential districts play a more business, shopping and entertaining role. This will also lead to decrease of traffic in the city, as well as shorten the driving time. The city becomes a more comfortable place to live in.
Development of public spaces include: - Organization of a comfortable urban environment ,which makes the city attractive for residents and tourists - An initiative of the community : the desire to live here, work , spend their leisure time (participating in the development of public spaces provides a unique opportunity to reconsidersurroundings and events in the life of each of us) - An integrated approach - versatility - Priority functionality over form - The lack of restrictions and discrimination - Focus on the establishment of centers of attraction - Flexibility, the ability to transform - The inclusion of cultural traditions - inspiration - Communication Requirements for public to the spaces mini-city:
accessibility and interconnection -just around the corner -convenient location -pedestrian accessibility
comfort and image -security -cleanliness and green spaces -places for walking -attractiveness
usage and types of activities -fun -active -living -helpful -authentic
integration into the community -interactive -diverse -hospitable -manageable -subject of pride of